• News Release: Vice Mayor Jim Shulman Announces Formation of Small Business Task Force

    For Release: March 24, 2020

    Elease Waller

    Vice Mayor Jim Shulman Announces Formation of Small Business Task Force

    Nashville, TN – Vice Mayor Jim Shulman, in partnership with Mayor John Cooper and the Metro Council, announced today the formation of a Small Business Task Force to address the issues facing small businesses in Metro Nashville/Davidson County that have been affected by COVID-19 and the March 3rd tornadoes.

    Metro Councilmember At-Large Steve Glover and Community Leader Cristina Allen will serve as the cochairs. Twenty-five (25) committee members have agreed to serve. These individuals represent the diversity of Nashville’s business environment, including hospitality, retail, services, construction, manufacturing, creative/music, healthcare, real estate, and finance.

    "While efforts are being made to keep Nashvillians safe at home, we know that small businesses are taking a major financial hit. These entities are the lifeblood of our community,” Vice Mayor Jim Shulman stated. “While we take necessary steps to protect our population, the Metro Council, Mayor Cooper and I agree that we must quickly determine what we can do--short term and long term--to help small businesses. The Task Force is expected to focus on establishing available federal, state, and privately-sourced small business assistance and to determine how best to obtain and distribute such assistance locally.”

    Committee members are:
    David Andrews, Bakery
    Andy Bhakta, Hotel
    Chris Carter, Retail
    Sam Davidson, Retail
    Kamel Daouk, Real Estate
    Bridgette Edwards, Fitness
    Nancy Edwards, Manufacturing
    David Fox, Financial
    Santos Gonzalez, Broadcast and Real Estate
    Don Hardin, Construction
    Barrett Hobbs, Hospitality
    Michael Johnson, Barber
    Katie Lentile, Mayor’s Representative
    Kathy Leslie, Restaurant
    Andy Mumma, Restaurant
    Elizabeth Murphy, Local Farmers
    Josh Mundy, Dry Cleaners
    Ashley Northington, Public Relations
    John Ozier, Music
    Mayur Patel, Grocery
    Adam Saba, Grocery
    Julia Sullivan, Restaurant
    Deborah Varallo, Marketing/PR
    Alex Vaughan, Retail
    Sheri Weiner, Healthcare

    “The response from the small business community wanting to assist has been incredible. There will be a group and sub-groups to help make sure we cover questions from our small business community,” explains co-chair Steve Glover. “The Vice Mayor and I both realize the importance of our Nashville small businesses”.

    The Task Force has been given a very fast deadline to turn around a report that will be offered to the Mayor; the goals will be to aid and assist small businesses with their financial stability as Nashville goes through two separate crises. The plan is targeted to be finalized in mid-April. Visit www.sbtfnashville.com for information and updates.
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