• Artistic Director

    Posted: 10/04/2019

    Based in Music City USA, Nashville in Harmony (NiH) is Tennessee’s first and only musical arts organization specifically created for people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and their allies. With a mission of using music to build community and create social change, NiH brings people together within the LGBTQ community and the community at large.  Artistic Director will be retiring after 16 years as the Artistic Director for NiH. Don’s last performance will be at the National GALA Choral festival in Minneapolis, MN in July 2020.
    The Artistic Director’s Position and Duties and Responsibilities
    The Artistic Director position is a part time contractual position. Rate of pay will commensurate with experience. The following are the primary duties and responsibilities of the Artistic Director:
    1. Performance Functions: Oversee the artistic health and growth of the Chorus in accordance with the Chorus’s mission and vision; Organize an annual performance schedule including main stage concerts, outreach performances, and tours; Design each concert performance including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists, instrumentalists, and visual elements; Audition prospective new members; Audition, select, and coach soloists and smaller groups of singers; Conduct the Chorus in all performances and regular weekly and special ad-hoc rehearsals; Oversee the arrangement of music; Oversee the technical and production elements of performances, including sets, costumes and attire for all performances.
    2. Administrative Functions: Work with the Board to establish and execute the artistic vision; In partnership with the Board, participate in the LGBTQ and larger community activities to develop networks and identify opportunities to further the mission; Participate effectively in meetings of the Board of Directors, committees as requested, season planning and other activities as necessary to support the execution of the artistic vision;
    3. Communication and Partnership Functions: Seek input from and collaborate with singing membership to implement the artistic vision of the Chorus; Broaden the involvement of the Chorus in the community by serving as a spokesperson and liaison on behalf of the Chorus; and Maintain healthy communication with staff, membership, Board and community members. Foster a respectful, inclusive and collaborative community of singing members.
    4. Outreach Functions: Seek opportunities for the Chorus to perform outside of scheduled concerts; Work with outreach director to manage communication, logistics, and planning details for outreach performances; Develop an outreach concert repertoire consistent with the artistic vision and the Chorus’s mission; and Conduct the Chorus in all outreach concerts.
    5. Recording Functions: Schedule new recordings as part of the artistic vision; Develop recording content; Organize recording operations and design; and Oversee the licensing of music for performances and recordings 
    Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Music is required; high level of training and experience in choral conducting in the community setting; expertise in vocal technique, languages, and choral diction; and experience in orchestral conducting preferred.
    Application Materials
    • A letter of introduction;
    • Curriculum vitae;
    • Other materials that may support your application, including musical compositions or arrangements, etc.
    Application materials may be mailed to:
    Nashville In Harmony
    Attention:  Selection Committee
    P.O. Box 159156
    Nashville, TN  37215
    Application and materials may also be sent to Apply@nashvilleinharmony.org