• PAST WEBINAR: What's the New "Norm" as Offices Reopen?

    PAST WEBINAR: What's the New "Norm" as Offices Reopen?

    From the Nashville Business Journal:

    What's the New "Norm" as Offices Reopen?

    Tuesday, June 23rd
    10 am - 11 am CST

    Register: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/event/164941/2020/growth-of-nashville-the-new-office?ana=mk_NA_evgrowthofnashville2020&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiWVdNM05ERm1ZamcwTXpGaSIsInQiOiJ0QTkxWDdCUGJwZXk3bE9RVUJwbkIyXC9zRE91cHVCVFlReDhwa0ZmMjJvVzdnXC82Mkt3RDRjNDJHNGZSbjBqXC96TWJmdXNJMEdtcjJmVlNDU0Z6TUJxUzdCYVFyOWRvUVhJellxMWEzMDBXRmdWOFlDN2M0d2ViRnlsUWwyMjdNbDdpVVYyUlZVWHh1V1VMQzJCRTc1N0E9PSJ9

    Our panel of experts will explore what landlords and office tenants are doing to reimagine their office spaces, both now as they begin to reopen and in the future. The conversation will dive into what local CRE executives expect will be the greatest impacts from Covid-19 on office users and whats to come of Nashville's pre-pandemic real estate boom.

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