The LGBT Chamber Board of Directors and staff are excited about the future of the Foundation and its mission to educate, inspire, and empower LGBT business professionals. Our goal is to provide financial aid, resources, and advocacy for three types of business professionals. 

    • Small Business and Start Ups - provide financial aid for an LGBT individual to participate in programs to help start, grow, and scale a business, like Nashville Entrepreneur Center, ScaleNashville, SCORE Nashville, and more. 
    • Business Professionals - provide education and opportunities to build leadership, communication, management, and negotiating skills to help LGBT professionals climb the corporate ladder. 
    • Workforce Entry and Development - provide education, financial aid, and advocacy for LGBT individuals to enter the workforce in Nashville trades like hospitality, tech, healthcare, and manufacturing. 


    It takes time and effort to develop partnerships and communicate with the specific constituents in order to build the appropriate programs to accomplish our mission. Your financial support is necessary to help the LGBT Chamber serve these three truly deserving and tremendously different segments of our community. 

    Thank you to our current and future donors!

  • 20th Anniversary Donors

    Amy Parker

    Bradley Pinson

    Clayton Klutts

    Courtney Lawrence

    Deborah Grant


    Donte Noble Holt

    Elliott Thomas

    Enjoli McIntosh

    Erin Walker

    Focus Middle Tennessee

    Gregory Cason

    Hilton Downtown Nashville

    Hon. Nancy and Joan VanReece

    Jaimie Wolsky

    Jennifer Weaver

    Jim Robert

    Jon Ros Grayson

    Kerry Garner

    Kimberly Stephan Tate

    LaTanya Channel

    Lawrence LeBlanc

    Marsha Raimi


    Michael Pauley

    Mikey Corona and Brian Riggenbach

    Neyder Brito

    Nikki Gibson

    Paul Austin

    Phillip Hill

    Quinton P. Walker

    Richard and Lou Anne Wolfson

    Rhonda Weatherford

    Robert Brooks

    Rodney Bennett and Timothy Barr

    Ron Snitker

    Noah Spiegel

    Sally Stryker

    Steve Burress

    Tawny Martin

    Turner Law Offices, P.C.

    The Turnip Truck

    Waller, Lansden, Dortch, & Davis, LLP

    Zachary and Melinda Noblitt