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    The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce is the premier advocate of the Greater Nashville Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender business community, representing over 150 businesses in Nashville and the surrounding area. The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce advances common business interests, economic growth, and equality in the workplace and society for its LGBT members, businesses, and allies by providing educational, networking, and community building opportunities.

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    MediCopy Services, LLC

    Elliott Noble-Holt started his company, MediCopy, 18 years ago in response to his frustrations working with inefficient health information exchange processes in his various roles up to that point in his career. He started the health information management company on a shoestring, with a single copy machine, $50.00 cash and an AOL gift card! Since then the company has grown to offer a wide range of HIM services. Their mission is “to deliver efficient and innovative service to our clients and requesting parties of protected health information, all while maintaining a transparent and trust-based culture.” MediCopy now employs a team of 90 that serve 1,500 clients in 35 states.


    Medicopy has been a member of the Nashville LGBT Chamber for about four years, and the company has been an active member in that time. Recently, MediCopy was one of the sponsors for TASTE, our largest annual fundraiser. In addition to providing sponsorship, several Medicopy employees volunteered at the event in November. MediCopy will also sponsor the “Brewing Up Business” event at their office location in February. (8 City Blvd. Suite 400, Nashville, TN 37209. Check back for event details as they become available). And Elliott says he wants to continue to get more involved in the LGBT Chamber.


    Elliott and his company already serve as models for corporate involvement to promote diversity and inclusion not just for those of us that identify as LGBTQ, but for all employees. As an example, Medicopy has been a part of Tennessee Thrives Coalition for over a year. Tennessee Thrives promotes the conviction that “In order for Tennessee businesses to compete for top talent, we believe our workplaces and communities must be diverse and welcoming for all people, regardless of race, sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.” Over 400 companies doing business in Tennessee – from small, local businesses to multi-national corporations have signed the Tennessee Thrives Pledge. To see if your company is among them, check https://tennesseethrives.org/our-coalition/.


    Elliott has also served on the Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Board for the Entrepreneur Center since it launched the Diversity and Inclusion Initiative in early 2016. Elliott and other members of the advisory board provide insight, guidance, and connections that enable initiative leaders to reach their goals to “help create pathways to success for any entrepreneur in Nashville regardless of external circumstances or demographics.” The initiative encourages participation and engagement from local non-profits, corporations, higher-education institutions, community leaders and investors. The initiative provides Entrepreneur Center scholarships to local minority entrepreneurs each year. They have also launched a partnership with Google to launch the Code2040 program that provides funding for minority tech entrepreneurs in Nashville and a few other cities. (https://www.ec.co/diversity/)


    Elliott says that Medicopy has already implemented HRC non-discriminatory guidelines for employers. These criteria that comprise the HRC Corporate Equality Index address hiring and retention, employee benefits, organizational LGBTQ competency, public engagement and responsible citizenship for both employers and their vendor partners. (https://www.hrc.org). But for Elliott and his company, diversity and inclusion go well beyond official guidelines for non-discrimination.


    Elliott is proud of the culture of diversity among his team at Medicopy. He says that 50% of the management team is African American and 65% identify as LGBTQ. That wasn’t intentional; it just happened organically as he went for the best and brightest to help his company grow and succeed. But he does make it a point to share those statistics with any prospective employees. Elliott still attends every interview, starting each conversation talking about his team’s diversity, and making it clear to those interviewees they would need to embrace that diversity if they are to succeed on the team. His goal is to protect his people and the culture that they created together.


    Elliott says that type of open and honest communication is one of their core values at MediCopy.  He is proud of those core values that address quality of customer service, teamwork, professional development, and service to the community. Another core value is “embracing change and growth.” Elliott acknowledges that, “some folks hate change and are hesitant. But at MediCopy, our team just keeps pushing forward.”



    Written by: Craig Ammon