• The Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce is the premier advocate of the Greater Nashville Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender business community, representing over 400+ businesses, community groups, and individuals in Nashville and the surrounding area.

  • Stay up to date on COVID -19

    Dear members and friends, 

    These are challenging times for our community and the entire world. Every day, seemingly every hour, there is new information. Every business in every sector of our economy has been impacted by this pandemic. We are all in this together.

    As a Chamber, we are here to help our members and our community get through this financially and emotionally difficult time. We are going to continue our core mission to Advocate, Educate and Connect during this time of need:


    As governments respond to this pandemic and start their relief efforts, we will make sure our LGBT business community is equally represented in those efforts and our unique business needs are addressed.


    We will keep our members up to date on the tools and resources available to help us rebuild our businesses and our community.  We will also share best practices for you to implement at your businesses. Look for podcasts and online videos on a number of topics in the days and weeks ahead. 


    Connection is more important than ever.  While we are social distancing, we will be sharing virtual networking opportunities to remain connected and support our community. Please share information and connections that you know about. Members can post Hot Deals to the broader community and Member to Member deals with each other. We will also be creating LinkedIn and Facebook groups where we will add members and you can connect, network, and offer deals and information there. 

    We are launching this special page on our website where we will compile information for you. Check there and follow us on social media platforms where we will continue to post everything.  

    We are here for you. We will get through this together.